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Ballet Studio


For kids who are curious to explore other forms of dancing such as jazz, hip-hop, or drama, classical ballet offers a solid foundation and is a great starting point. Like all dance forms, classical ballet is physically intense; it improves strength, flexibility, body awareness and physical self-control in children of all ages. Whether a child is 3 or 12, they can all benefit from age-appropriate ballet classes.

In addition to the physical benefits, classical ballet classes also help boost self-esteem in young children; many overcome shyness and lose their fear of performing in front of an audience. We have seen firsthand our students develop a sense of pride and accomplishment when they master challenging dance combinations.

Classical ballet classes at Sunshine Kids Academy are fun for our young learners. We provide an environment where kids can nurture their social skills such as teamwork, communication, and building friendships.

Our ballet program is based on our school’s three term calendar. At the end of each school year, students perform what they have learned in the previous terms with their peers on stage. Performing in front of an audience helps them build up confidence and encourages them to express themselves in a fun and exciting way.


Studio Concept

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Our lessons focus on basics. Whether students are enjoying ballet as a hobby or aspiring to be a professional, we teach our students the foundations of ballet. Students are placed in class depending on age and skill level.

We do not rush students to dance on pointe or force them into competition before they are ready. We strive to help children grow as naturally and steadily as possible by learning the basics without rushing.


Periodical Recitals 

The ballet recital is held once a year. Students will have at least one full year of solid, fundamental training before performance.

Pre & Primary
Ages: 3 - 6 Years Old
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Focusing on the stretches necessary to create a ballet posture, students learn the basic steps involved with ballet movements such as skipping and galloping. Students learn the joy of moving to the music, cultivate a sense of rhythm and instant power, and at the same time acquire the manners of ballet. Students may also begin learning how to do the splits.

Ballet - Grade I
Ages: 7 - 8 Years Old
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This preparatory class is an introduction to the art and basics of ballet. Students have a great amount of fun, social interaction, and physical activity! They slowly learn the basics of ballet such as how to stand in front of the barre, various body positions, plié and tanju. They can also learn about arabesque, allongé, and attitude at this level.

Ballet - Grade II
Ages: 9 - 10 Years Old

The full-scale ballet movement starts from this class. Students are gradually introduced to the one-handed barre. Basic lessons also focus on the movement of the legs and students become familiar with techniques that include movement of the hands and head. We also take in the gymnastics necessary to build the muscle strength required for ballet.

Ballet - Grade III
Ages: 11 - 12 Years Old
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We build onto the curriculum conducted in the 3rd and 4th grade classes and transition into smoothly harmonizing hands, legs, and head. The enchaînement (choreography) that is performed every session starts to become less complicated, and students can recognize his or her body form.

Ballet Make-up Lessons

※ Students may make up a class if an absence occurs for any reason up to 2 times in 1 month. Please notify the instructor if your child will come in for a make-up class. Note that make-up classes are a courtesy and are not guaranteed as they depend on the classes available.​


Schedule & Fees


h Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday | 2:30 PM - 7:00 PM
h Registration: ¥10,000
(¥11,000 including tax)

h Per Term Fee (1 Day | Week): ¥27,800 (¥30,580 including tax)

h Per Term Fee (2 Days | Week): ¥48,800  (¥53,680 including tax)

h Per Term Fee (3 Days | Week): ¥72,380 (¥20,680 including tax)

 For information regarding class details and time, please call us directly or use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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