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How are procedures managed at Sunshine Kids Academy?

We are a Tokyo metropolitan government registered school. As such, we adhere to strict and monitored safety standards.

Does Sunshine Kids Academy have a First Aid officer?

Members of our staff hold current Basic Life Support certificates which cover CPR, using an AED, choking and other emergency situations. Certain staff members also hold qualifications in Anaphylaxis, use of an epi-pen for children experiencing any allergic reaction, safe food handling and hygiene, asthma management and child protection.

Who are your teachers?

Our well qualified and experienced educators each have a variety of experience in early childhood education and come from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Our class teachers are certified in early childhood education or elementary teaching and some have additional qualifications such as Montessori and Jolly Phonics.

What are your facilities like?

Both of our campuses are not only safe and secure but also bright and spacious. This gives our students space to be themselves which means they are happy and excited to be here and therefore actively engaged in learning. We have fully-equipped facilities with six classrooms, and an indoor studio space.

What does your school offer in the way of maintaining my child’s health?

Sunshine Kids Academy has partnered with regional hospitals & clinics with specialties in pediatrics, internal medicine, dental care and ophthalmology.  This includes bi-annual health check-ups and dental check-ups three times a year.

How can I get my child to school?

We are within minutes walk to Shintomicho and Tsukiji Stations.  We also have our own School bus that does daily pick-ups and drop-offs to selected areas.

Sunshine Kids Academy provides school meals, what does that mean?

Our Licensed Chef designs and prepares nutritious and well-balanced School Lunch & Dinners.  Extra precautions are taken for any student with a food allergy or religious dietary restrictions.

What associations or affiliations does Sunshine Kids Academy have?

Sunshine Kids Academy is a proud member of TAIP - Tokyo Association of International Preschools.  TAIP is an association dedicated to the professional development of teachers, staff and administrators for the ultimate benefit of the preschoolers.

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