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Hip Hop Studio

Dance is not only enjoyable, but a key component in educating the whole child, building their self-confidence, and ensuring healthy hearts. Children learn coordination and rhythm while exercising with fun movements. Our hip hop classes are designed to meet the needs of every developmental stage of growth. All instruction takes place using kid-friendly hip hop music and movement.​



Our program activities strengthen skills related to physical development, listening, communication, and creativity.  Our studio provides ample space for a variety of agility activities. We reserve the right to place students according to their age, ability and dance experience.

Class Observation 

※ We do not allow parents to observe classes as we need the attention of the students.  


Periodical Recitals

The HipHop recital is held once a year. Students will have at least one full year of solid, fundamental training before performance.

Hip Hop - Pre & Primary
Ages: 3 - 6 Years Old

Warm-up starts with a series of stretching, which are essential for performing hip hop movements. This class focuses on the basics of dance such as clapping, hand waving, and jumping up and down with fun, upbeat music.

Hip Hop - Grade I
Ages: 7 - 8 Years Old

Students get their adrenaline pumping while running, skipping, and making hand gestures to the beat of hip hop. The dancers will learn different steps and improve their listening skills to dance on beat. This class is great for helping outgoing children to learn to express themselves and shy children to gain more confidence.

Hip Hop - Grade II
Ages: 9 - 10 Years Old

This class focuses on choreography and music familiarity. Dancers get to create their own moves and do freestyle dance with different beats. In addition, they will learn more about hip hop dance culture.

Hip Hop - Grade III
Ages: 11 - 12 Years Old

This action packed class is designed for students seeking a greater challenge. Dancers will learn advanced hip hop steps that exhibit strong movement and incorporate fast footwork. This class focuses on artistry of movement, performance quality, and technical development.

Hip Hop Make-up Lessons

 Students may make up a class if an absence occurs for any reason up to 2 times in 1 month. Please notify the instructor or front office if your child will come in for a make-up class. Note that make-up classes are a courtesy and are not guaranteed as they depend on the classes available.


Schedule & Fees

h Schedule: Wednesday & Friday | 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
h Registration: ¥10,000 (¥11,000 including tax)

h Per Term Fee (1 Day | Week): ¥27,800 (¥30,580 including tax)

h Per Term Fee (2 Days | Week): ¥48,800 (¥53,680 including tax)

h Per Term Fee (3 Days | Week): ¥65,800 (¥72,380 including tax)

 For information regarding class details and time, please call us directly or use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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